Burrell Mining Products Inc. has been serving the mining industry for over 40 years with roof support and ventilation products. We are the manufacturer of the CAN® cribbing system and Omega Block products.
Our 6 manufacturing locations around the world provide affordable, quality products and timely deliveries to your mining location, wherever you may be.
“The CAN® has been the most effective alternative support we have tested to date.” - General Longwall Manager, Deer Creek Mine, Utah

Featured Products

The CAN®
The CAN® is a secondary roof support made from a “yieldable confined core” of cementacious composite, encased in a cylindrical steel canister, which resembles a can.  The CAN® handles mine floor heaving and roof sag better than any other type of support available today.
When installed correctly, The CAN® has never failed!
Omega Block
Omega Block products are composed of non-toxic incombustible materials whose air permeability and relative fire-resistance characteristics are unequaled.  Omega Blocks reduce labor because they cover the area of 3 normal concrete blocks.
Fully approved for constructing ventilation devices by MSHA!
Fibercrib® Blocks
Made from controlled blending, mixing, and forming techniques, Fibercrib® Fiber Crib Blocks offer superior strength and stiffness to support your roof and floor.  Our 2 sizes of Fibercrib® blocks offer versatile stacking combinations while providing superior roof support when compared to circular or other rectangular crib blocks.
The original Fibercrib® is still the best Fiber Crib Block!
Turbo Prop
The Turbo Prop is a 6” diameter version of the CAN®.  It is a light weight, yielding prop with superior carrying capacities.  The Turbo Prop is set in place just like a post, but it is an engineered roof support with lifting handles.
The next best thing to being a CAN®!
CAN® Setter
There are several versions of the CAN® Setter to fit all budgets and entry configurations.  Our Burrell Mining Engineers are able to assist you in maximizing your productivity.
Takes the work out of installing CAN's® in your mine!